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ds-format is an open source program, a Python package and a storage format which provides an interface for reading and writing NetCDF files, as well as its own optional data file format. The data format and interface are a simpler alternative to other more complex interfaces and formats, while supporting most of the same essential functions.

ds-format defines a structure storing data along with metadata, similar to NetCDF and HDF. It supports a subset of functionality of NetCDF and is compatible with most existing NetCDF datasets and the CF Conventions, if the necessary attributes are defined in the dataset.

The ds-format Python package contains a command line program ds and a Python module ds_format, which implement reading, writing and manipulation of datasets. The package is designed so that functions are completely separated from data, which is more transparent and faster than classes, especially when working with large datasets.

Similar programs and libraries are nco, CDO xarray and iris. Compatible programs for viewing datasets include ncdump, HDFView and Panoply.


Development is done under an open source MIT license. The repository is available on GitHub. You can report bugs or submit contributions on GitHub.